No matter how well we take care of our bodies, time has a way of catching up with us. Even if we exercise hard, eat our vegetables, and sleep 8 hours a night, sooner or later we are going to start feeling those aches and pains.

Skip knows that.

He treated his body like a temple, giving it lots of nutritious foods and exercise. Still, as he got older, he started to feel aches and pains. Small at first, but soon those small pains grew larger and more consistent. All around him, friends and family were stricken with similar discomforts.

Skip did not want to simply take these aches as the new normal. He did some research into possible remedies and came across Hemp Extract, an all-natural herbal alternative to more common pharmaceutical medicines to treat recurring pain. Hemp Extract had all of the positives without the harmful side effects that most over the counter pharmaceutical drugs contained.

He decided to give it a try. The results were immediate. He noticed less pain after using Hemp Extract, as well as less recurring pain in the days following.

Skip felt back like his old self. He could exercise and enjoy his life free of pain. He wanted to share the discovery of Hemp Extract with others so that they too could get back to their old selves, free of aches and pains.

He created Smooth Product 4U.

Smooth Product 4U is a Hemp Extract company aimed at helping people find relief from their aches and pains, no matter what they are. We want to help people age more comfortably through the use of an all-natural product, while also de-stigmatizing this amazing product.

Our goal is to create smooth, high-quality Hemp Extract products with you in mind.